Sanaki is the 37th empress of the massive country Begnion. She also serves as the apostle; the voice of the goddess Ashera. Sanaki may be young, but she is very intelligent, quick-witted and has a sharp tongue. She is capable of playing mind games and having a battle of wills in order to test Ike and his companions. Sanaki is very proud and demands respect from those around her. She is definitely not the kind of person who would wilt under pressure. Sanaki does, however, have a huge heart and cares very deeply for her country and the people within it. Her people are always her first priority. Largely as a result of how much she values her country, she refuses to sit back and let others take care of everything for her. When Ike first meets Sanaki in Path of Radiance, she had escaped from the watchful eyes of her personal Holy Guard in order to see with her own eyes what was going on. According to her two most trusted guards, Sigrun and Tanith, this was almost a normal occurrence. Though Sanaki looks like a little girl, she is actually very mature, has a warm heart and has a good head on her shoulders. She is truly the deserving empress of Begnion.

Quick Facts

♛ Sanaki is a direct descendant of Altina and is therefore the apostle. Her full name is Sanaki Kirsch Altina.

♛ Sanaki was only five when she was appointed as the apostle. All she did was cry, scream and throw tantrums during official proceedings, however, unless Sephiran was there with her.

♛ Lekain, part of the senate of Begnion, promotes the claim that Sanaki is a false apostle who is trying to lead Begnion away from the goddess' graces.

♛ Sanaki has never actually heard the voice of Ashera, but clings to the excuse that she just hasn't reached the proper age yet.

♛ However, Sanaki fails to sing the Galdr of Release in order to awaken the Yune from the medallion.

♛ Sanaki is not actually the apostle because she is not the first-born daughter in her family. Her elder sister is the true apostle.

♛ Sanaki values peace over all else and will do anything to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

♛ She is a vivid supporter of equality amongst all races and has been working in the shadows to expose the senate's involvement in laguz slavery and the truth of the Serenes Massacre.

♛ During Sanaki's coronation, she tripped on her cape and fell five times.

♛ Sephiran serves as Sanaki's prime minister. He is like a father to her.

♛ Sanaki greatly admires Naesala as a king and aspires to be the same for her people.

♛ Cymbeline is a fire tome specific to Sanaki.

♛ At the end of Radiant Dawn, Sanaki's epilogue states that she "elected to guide her people in a world without the goddess and made treaties uniting the continent."


In PATH OF RADIANCE, Sanaki's introduction is not until Chapter 13: A Guiding Wind. The Greil Mercenaries get word of the apostle of Begnion missing and her possible ship is under attack. Once they defend the ship, Tanith enlists their help in finding her. Expecting to see a woman of noble stature, they are surprised to find a little girl who injured her foot instead. Sanaki is quick to frustration at Ike's lack of manners, but agrees to help Princess Elincia after testing Ike and his group in Chapters 14-17. In the later chapter, they aid Sanaki in reaching Serenes Forest where she wishes to give her apologies to the herons for the atrocities committed by her ancestors. Sanaki then agrees to do everything in her power to help Crimea's restoration. As SHE IS NOT RECRUITABLE in this game, she does not play a large role for the following chapters.

In RADIANT DAWN, Sanaki crosses paths with Ike once more in Part 3, Chapter 10: The Heart of Crimea. After being accused of being a false apostle by the senate, the Begnion army splits in two. One half follows Sanaki loyally. The other half, those who believe the false accusations, follows the senate. Luckily for Sanaki, she joins forces with Ike and his group in order to reclaim her throne and country from the senate. Sanaki IS RECRUITABLE in Part 4, Prologue: Chaos Named. Though there are not many chapters left, you must use her for certain ones. She must be on the field in Prologue: Chaos Named and Chapter 3: Distortions of Part 4. Sanaki is one of the characters that must go to the tower at the end of the game as well.

Base Info

Class: Empress
Affinity: Light
Skills: Flare, Shove
Tomes: Cymbeline, ArcWind, ArcThunder
Weapon Levels: S (fire), A (thunder, wind, light)


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